This very well could be the most important
decision you will make about your wedding
reception, party, etc.
When you consider the
music is what makes the party happen, or can
send your guests home early; this is not the
place to cut corners! This is what ALL your
guests are going to remember!

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A DJ

1. How long has the company been in business?
2. How experienced is the dj at doing Weddings,
Proms etc.?
3. Get references from people your dj has
performed for (several).
4. Ask where you can see your dj play
(that will tell you how booked he is, and in turn good he is).
5. What type of music does your dj play?
And how is it formatted (very important)?
6. What type of sound equipment does he use?
7. Does your dj have a backup sound system in case
of an emergency (backup power generator)?
8. How about a backup DJ?
9. What are your djs'credentials? Is he professional and
personable, or hype and embarassing? 
Does he come from a professional line of work,
or just someone doing this as a sideline?
10. How easy is your dj to get a hold of?
Can you contact the company anytime?